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Trim and Molding Design and Installation

Baseboard molding is something most people don’t consciously notice when they walk into a room, but (much like window trim, door frames, and crown molding) it can have a huge effect on a person’s impression of a space. A room with no trim or molding – or worse, poorly chosen trim or molding – can make a room feel sterile, cluttered, messy, or claustrophobic. However, professionally designed and installed window trim, door frames, and molding can be the little extra that takes your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Professional trim and molding makes your property a cut above the rest

Texas Best Roofing & Construction LLC is a leading Burleson contractor, and we specialize in the design and installation of high quality molding and trim. We realize that window trim, door frames, baseboard molding, and crown molding are not always most homeowners’ top priorities, but that’s just because if trim and molding have been chosen and installed correctly, you don’t have to think about it.

However, if your home seems to be missing something or it is just starting to look outdated or dull, an update to the window trim, baseboards, or door frames may be just the thing you need. Trim can be used to introduce an accent color, create an effective contrast, or highlight other attractive features. And colors aren’t the only factor – we install trim in a wide variety of styles and materials. We are sure to have something that you’ll love!

Trim and molding materials available:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum

Burleson’s Source for Window Trim, Door Trim, and Moldings

Whatever it is that you’re looking for, the experts here at Texas Best Roofing & Construction LLC will work with you to make sure that you are totally satisfied. Whether you are planning new construction or you’re updating the look of your home, whether you hire us to handle more aspects of your work or only want to update your trim and molding, we will be with you every step of the way and our job isn’t done until you’re happy. For more information about window and door trim and baseboard and crown moldings, feel free to contact us today!


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